Welcome to indiepay.me, a site for tracking distributed payments!

These payments are currently in name only... no actual money changes hands. This site is here to test the idea that you can store payment information on your own website, and indiepay.me will keep track of replies and store your balance.

It works by using a number of IndieWeb concepts, which are described on the documentation page. When a post is created on your site with the right format, indiepay.me will keep a record of it. The post could either be created so that you're making a payment to someone (via their web address), or so that you're requesting a payment from them. Either way, indiepay.me will keep a copy of the post and wait for a reply that confirms the transaction.

This site can also create posts for you, and will publish them to your website via Micropub. To create a post or view your transaction history you can log in here using Indieauth. Feel free to try it out, but remember that this is just an experiment.

Thanks for checking out indiepay.me, it has been created by Malcolm Blaney. If you're looking for someone to test making a payment to, try entering his web address once you've logged in. He will gladly accept any 'payments' you would like to make. :-)